Elbows – Advantages And Applications

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The “Elbow” is a plumbing device or a pipe fitting used to attach two long pipes that redirect the original flow of water or gaseous substances in the pipe. The Elbow commonly known as an L-shaped connector and is designed to be either Flanged, screwed, or welded to the piping, it is associated with. If the two ends of an elbow differ in size, the fitting is called a reducer Elbow. It is available in many materials like, galvanized steel, silicone, rubber compounds, Copper-Nickel, Stainless-steel etc.

The Pipe Elbows are Classified based on various design features as below: 90 Degree Elbow–changes the flow of direction to 90 degrees45 Degree Elbow–changes the flow of direction to 45 degrees. Long Radius (LR) Elbows–radius is 1.5 times greater the pipe diameter. Short Radius (SR) Elbows–radius is 1.0 times greater the pipe diameter.

The Advantages of Elbows Are:

1. It has superior performance, good quality and long life.
2. It is tolerance to high temperatures.
3. The Brass Elbow are a versatile fitting available in various widths, shapes and sizes.

The Applications of Elbows Are:

1. It is Used where most pipe diversions are required.
2. It is Capable of diverting flammable and dangerous gases without leaking it.
3. In Paint and leather industries.
4. In Municipal and domestic/house plumbing.
5. It is used in Agriculture work.
6. In Irrigation and Sanitation Purpose.
7. In Marine Industry.
8. In Food and Beverage Industries.
9. In Oil and Gas Industry.
10. In Power Sector.


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