Q- How do I submit my article?

In order to submit an article to scholarhive.com, you need to have an author’s account. Registration is free and simple, by just clicking on this link to get your author account free!

Q- Do I have to pay to get my article published?

No, it is completely free! You don’t have to pay us to get your articles published on scholarhive. It’s a free service that can be gained by authors.

Q- Do I get any payment for my submitted article?

No, scholarhive.com is a free service. We do not pay for the submitted articles.

Q- Do you limit on the number of articles submitted?

No, currently we do not have any limit on number of articles submission.

Q- Which HTML you allow?

We permit usual HTML tags for article body also providing visual editor for easy submission.

Allowed HTML tags for article body: <p> <b> <strong> <i> <em> <u> <br> <blockquote> <ol> <ul> <li>

Q- How long will it take my article to get published?

Our team will evaluate the article prior to it gets published. Generally articles published within 3 working days. Author will be notifying if the article gets published or rejected. At times we get high number of submissions so it may take up to weeks to evaluate your articles.

Q- Can I re-publish an article firstly published by a different author on my own website?

No, we do not permit re-publishing our author’s work.

Q- Do I have to register again if I desire to submit another article?

No, our system is considered in such a way that you just require to register once and then from onwards, you can submit as several articles as you like but ensure that you submit articles one at a time also do not spam our system.

Q- How can I report copyright abuse for the article published at scholarhive?

You can contact us via contact us page by sending us an email. Ensure to include supporting documents or any other proof to help us in examination.

Q- How to search in scholarhive.com Articles?

Search bar is at the top of page, search can be conducted by author’s name and article title.