How to tame or manage temper or anger

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Do you get irritated over small things?? Or lose your temper when someone refuses to work according to your wish? We all have a bad habit of losing our temper over silly and small things, often losing control over our anger and this sometimes puts us in trouble or sometimes it breaks or weakens our relation with others. Which means that it’s a serious issue to look after or to be pondered. Don’t worry, here we are with few tips regarding managing your anger or temper, this will surely help you in improving your relations which you might have lost due to your “anger”.

1. Think before you say something

You must take some time to collect your thoughts before speaking, instead of speaking in hurry and in heat of moment, you should think twice before you speak, don’t speak in hurry as this will make you feel regret at last. Also let others to do the same, this will keep your mind calm and will keep you from anger.

2. Do exercises

Physical activities and exercises will give freshness to your mind and soul and will help you to overcome your stress and by this you can also control your temper. Whenever you feel stressed or tempered, just go for a run or walk, or visit a park near you, this will relieve your mind and you will be able to manage your anger easily.

3. Taking timeout

You can take short breaks or timeout from your busy work, a few moments of quiet time and peace will relieve your stress and prepare you to handle your work without getting angry or irritated. Don’t think that timeout is only for kids, every human being need break from work, to give rest to their mind as it is difficult to work all day long, working without break can make you feel irritated, tired and stressed.

4. Find possible solutions

Instead of focusing on the reason behind your anger and getting angry on someone, you must try to resolve the issue. Don’t look upon the reasons that makes you angry, just try to resolve and control your anger, prepare yourself to not to lose your temper over small things.

5. Better communications

Your anger makes you jump or act fast or arrive on the conclusions, and sometimes these conclusions are inaccurate. First thing to do if you are in heated environment or discussion is to calm down and think over your replies or words.

It’s natural to get defensive or tempered when you’re criticized, but don’t fight back or give rude response. Keep yourself and your mind cool, this will prevent the situation to convert into a disaster. Try to listen what other person is saying, don’t take it in offensive or criticizing manner.


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