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We all are connected to internet, we generally use it for connecting socially or for surfing social media sites, but only few know how internet can be used to connect every part of our life with it, only few people are aware of internet of things, internet of things means more and more day to day things connected to the internet. It means Physical things are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity which enables data exchange means everything is connected to internet. It is believed that by year 2030 every single person will be connected to internet for each and every work. Everything around us like refrigerators, televisions, light bulbs, watches, fans, trains, automobile or anything around you will be connected to the internet.

The IOT is becoming an increasing growing topic of conversation in workplace and everywhere. This is a concept of connecting any electronic device with on and off switch or option to the internet, this is a system or inter-related computing devices and digital or any other devices that are having their own unique identifiers and have an ability to transfer data over a network without any human to human or human to computer interaction. Researchers   are expecting that there will be more than 20 million IOT devices on our earth by 2020, which means that approximate every single being on the planet on earth will have four to five devices.

The IOT devices connects with each other through internet transfer protocols, where IOT platforms are the bridges between the devices and data networks.

Some of the IOT platforms across world are:

If this then that (

Microsoft Azure

Practical implications of IOT technology can be found in many places today, like home automation, remote data logger, healthcare, parameter monitoring system, management etc.

Things in IOT means a wide variety of devices, such as biochip transponders on farm animals, heart monitoring implants, automobiles with sensors and field operating devices to help firefighters in completing their search and rescue operations. These devices work by collecting or gathering useful information or data and then flow it to other devices with the help of technology. With the emerging expansion of internet connected devices, data crowd will increase and will connect data and users from different locations, hence it will generate large amount of data from diverse locations, this will increase the need to collect, store and index data.

This concept of network of smart devices was started in year 1982 at Carnegie Mellon University with a modified coke machine, which was the first internet connected device ever. After that it gave rise to the invention and discoveries on IOT.


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