Top 5 Reasons Why You May Not Be Winning at the Canadian Contests

September 21, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Events, Sports

Are you a regular player at sweepstakes and giveaways? And yet, are you not being able to win desired prizes? Don’t feel unlucky. These kinds of dry spells are not uncommon. All you need to do is be positive, stay focused, and be a little smart.

Yes, winning the Canadian Contests or sweepstakes is not rocket-science. You have to just pay attention to certain tips and tricks so that your chances of winning are increased, if not guaranteed. First, you need to know what kind of loopholes you are making that is blocking your path to success. So, here we have a list of reasons why people don’t win sweepstakes.Take a look and learn how to avoid them.

1. Neglecting the Rules

It is understandable that reading the sweepstakes rules and regulations can be extremely tedious, and you are more excited to take part in the challenge. But this negligence can totally ruin the game for you. Not paying attention to the instructions such as exceeding the minimum length or not giving importance to random drawings which might be special criteria for some contests can actually get your entries discarded. So, rushing to the contest right away can actually be a waste of time, if you don’t know the rules thoroughly.

2. Not Checking the Contact Information

Always proofread the contact information you are providing in these kinds of Canadian or Ontario Contests. Check if the email address, street address, or telephone number has a typo before hitting the “submit” button. It is these little things that can come between your sure shot win because the sponsors will not be able to get in touch with you if these vital details are incorrect. You can use automatic form filler apps to prevent such errors but going through every kind of information on your own is a definite must if you want to win.

3. Losing Your Chances to Win

You might have entered the sweepstakes or giveaways which allow you to enter more than once. You might have a chance to enter once per day or get extra entries for the sweepstakes referrals. You can only get to know these things when you read the rules and regulations carefully. Otherwise, you are just losing out on your chances to win.

4. Not Entering Daily

One of the sure shot ways to win these Canadian contests is to enter regularly. If you are just entering just every now and then, and fretting over why you are not winning a single prize, you are being plain stupid. Entering daily gives you a broader range of entries in varied categories, thereby improving your chances of winning on a regular basis.

5. Not Entering a Good Mix of Sweepstakes

Aiming only for the jackpots is not a very wise idea. In order to stay motivated, you have to enter all kinds of sweepstakes. Don’t just look for the prizes you want to win. Keep entering a good mix of contests including the instant wins, one-time as well as daily ones, some with big prizes while some with ordinary prizes, so that you have higher odds of winning prizes.

So, keep these in mind when you start entering a new contest. Now, without any further delay, quickly look for the best Canada or Ontario contests, and win a lot of attractive prizes today.


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